Last night abs-o-steel Alex Plexis defended his newly won NWA Canadian junior-heavyweight champ's belt against the challenge of nerd heel "Dastardly" Danni Deeds. (Photos by David Diaz)

I have to admit to a soft spot in my heart for nerd heels--the real ones, like Deeds, balding, with glasses taped together over the bridge of his nose, looking like he hasn't seen the inside of a gym in a year (not so much, say, Irwin R Shyster, Mike Rotunda's gimmick mocking the bean-counting nerds he actually might have beat up in high school--salt into wounds).

Possibly my interest is masochistic--brawn victorious over brain--fantasy payback for weekdays spent smacking beefy freshmen on the knuckles for splicing their commas and dangling their modifiers.  I don't know, though I owe it to myself to at least consider the unflattering explanation.

Then, again, the real interest is in the sinewy hero, with his Bob's Big Boy haircut, flexing and sneering--the young champion full of beans and ready to fight. 


  1. Damn, Plexis is HOT! REALLY wish, though, he'd change up his ring attire to a skimpy pair of speedos- he'd look DIVINE in those, with his lean muscular body and handsome face...


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