High Stakes

It was almost ten o'clock before the trick-or-treaters stopped showing up on my doorstep. Two of them, I swear, were men in their forties. I figured them for hobos in search of a sugar rush. As I awaited the next knock on the door, I watched Piranha on TV--one of those fun, stupid, and ultra gory movies I'm liking better than the season's Oscar bait. I had already seen it once at the theater. In 3-D it was more fun, but 2-D did the trick tonight.

Then I got the email announcement that Thunder's Arena has released its holiday edition, Halloween Havoc 2011, with Cameron Mathews fighting Sirus, costumed as vampires. The idea of vampires wrestling has tons of appeal for me (as long as one of them is NOT Gangrel, but especially if one of them is Cameron). So my order for the DVD is in. In the meantime I (we all) have these promotional photos to stake ... stoke our imaginations.


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