El Ligero (NBW-Southside)
Kid Karisma (BG East)
Jigsaw (Chikara and Dragon Gate USA)
Blueboy (BG East)
Pink Puma (BG East)
Cage Thunder (BG East)

El Phantasmo (ECCW)

Magnus (BG East)
Mistico (CMLL, "Sin Cara" at WWE)
Goldenrod (BG East)
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  1. Ya' just gotta' LOVE a hunky guy behind a mask. I mean, he doesn't even have to ask me to "Stick 'em up!" The sight of him in a mask in all it takes to get me excited! Now...if the masked stud is wearing a skimpy speedo, a thin layer of sweat, and a sexy smile to boot, well then all I have to say is, "Let's wrestle, stud!"

  2. How timely - a post about the allure of "masks"...and so close to Halloween too. Interesting. What is it about the hidden face which intrigues us so? The man behind the mask may be a timid accountant, a commercial airline pilot, a fireman, a cop, a hairstylist, a musician...or perhaps a legitimate thug. But strip him down to a bulging speedo or spandex tights, a pair of HOT wrestling boots...and presto! He's the object of EVERY gay man's most lustful desires. Just as it happened in Jim Carrey's hit movie, "The Mask", a wrestler's mask transforms the audience's perceptions of the wearer as well as the very personality/character of the wearer himself. A big, masked, bulging muscular wrestler is "HANDS DOWN" - just the HOTTEST DAMN THANG! (YUMMMM!)


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