Krush keeps the Wall Street Warrior occupied in Krushco's latest release, Underground Wrestling 76, a "hidden-camera" treasure from the vault, going public for the first time this week. Krush takes class warfare to the next level in this rock-em-sock-em fight. He strips a young exec out of his Brooks Brothers and throws him onto the mats for a little municipal bondage, topped with a stimulus package that should raise interest rates among fans. Appropriately, Krush wears stars-and-stripes spandex, in the revolutionary spirit of '76. For a guy who had a military working-class ("khaki-collar") childhood, I have to say that hearing white-collar WSW groan while Krush rides him like a bull at a rodeo is quite refreshing. Looks like Mr. Greed-Is-Good could use a bailout, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.


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