The Baby Jesus of Professional Wrestling

Five-foot-three, 130-pounder Rockstar Spud has been around for ten years, beginning as a teenage high-flying crowd favorite and now, splendidly, a swaggering big-mouthed heel--the self-proclaimed "Baby Jesus of Professional Wrestling." Come let us adore him in these photos by Tony Knox, capturing the divine enfant in this Frontier Wrestling Alliance match against Jonny Storm, 5'7", 172#, who beat Spud to become the FSA's first ever fly-weight champion this past Saturday.


  1. "Baby Jesus of Professional Wrestling" is the funniest heel line I've heard EVER! Not just Jesus--BABY Jesus. Oh wow. He instantly went from "I've never heard of him" to "one of my favorites."

  2. Spud is looking hotter than ever. But is he really only 5 ft. 3 in. and 130 pounds??? Is that why he's photographed from a high angle in that first pic?


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