Le Tigre Answers Five Important Questions

Le Tigre, 28, 5'9", 165#, originally from Newfoundland, has a fascinating new wrestling-kink blog, Le Blog de TigreMasc, detailing his adventures and insights as a masked wrestler in Toronto. Tigre started the blog only about three months ago, but the well-built mystery man is no wet-behind-the-ears rookie: he knows the wrestling lore, and his posts show off gear and lucha masks he's collected over the years, along with practical advice for those interested in how and where to shop for the good stuff. He has marched in pride parades in full wrestling regalia--and is currently in discussions with the folks at BG East about wrestling for them enmascarado. Get a taste of the man's intelligence and wit in his answers to my questions below, and then check out his blog. A doer as well as a blogger, Tigre is the man I would like to be if I were ever 28 again.

Joe:  Describe briefly your dream match, involving two or more wrestlers (including yourself, if you like).

Tigre: Ultimo Dragon versus Blue Demon Jr. Dragon ranks highly for me because of his remarkable style, his moves and his gear too. A lot of fusion of martial arts, lucha-libre influence and submissions is fun to watch--a true showman. It's a shame he had problems with injuries. Demon ... simply for this ring entrance.

Joe:  What living celebrity needs his (or her) ass kicked?  And who should kick it?

Tigre: I would personally love the honor of kicking Morrissey's ass. There are all of the right-wing radical nutjobs I was thinking about. However, I thought I would rather strangle them and put them out of their misery. Morrissey, however, would get a much-deserved butt-booting from me. I was a fan of The Smiths' music before, but can't listen to them anymore because of Morrissey being a miserable prick. I find his politics ill informed, his remarks on others hateful, and he has referred to Maritime Canadians, like myself, as being a barbaric bunch. I would love to meet him in a ring. I would enter with a fabulous cape made of seal skin and give him a series of devastating kicks to the torso, then the head, then kick him in the balls, and give him an atomic drop, then a running powerbomb. After his frail carcass is crushed on the mat, I'll get hair clippers out and shave his hair off, so when he regains consciousness, he has something to be gloomy about, and afterwards write a good song about it.

Joe:  If you could fight any person from history or any fictional character, who would it be?  And (briefly) why?

Tigre: Robin. Because I deserve to be Batman's sidekick more than him. Batman would be the ultimate sugar daddy in full rubber.

Joe:  What, in your opinion, is the coolest wrestling move known to man?

Tigre: I've already mentioned the running powerbomb, something from Ultimo Dragon's arsenal of moves. Such a cool and brutal move.

Joe:  What trait do you most admire in a wrestler?

Tigre: The ability to transform into a role or character. I have wrestled as a babyface because it's easy playing a good guy when you are already a nice person in real life. I am amazed how guys can get into their heel roles and do terrible things, feed off the hatred of a crowd, and leave the ring and return to reality at the end. One thing I want to achieve with Le Tigre is getting in a different headspace and transforming into an animal. Not a face, or a heel. But an animal, sent to the ring to fight and defend his territory. And have my style of wrestling reflect that.


  1. He needs to get in the ring with me.

  2. You know I'm totally up for that Cage ;)

  3. FYI there are a lot of wrestling fans that are conservative and probably dislike you just as much as your rude,nasty political remarks. Grow up kid.


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