Packed with Tender Meaty Chunks

I'm thinking about Alpo this morning, as I mull over these ten screen caps from a Prairie Wrestling Alliance match between Scotty Putty and Brady Roberts in Calgary back in February. Real men definitely have curves--hard muscle stretching the seams of too-tight trunks, with (as I prefer) inconspicuous doughy handles for ease of constraint. I can't fault the sporty kerchief Roberts (aka "Brady Malibu") wears--a bit of flair that gets lost in the scuffle, a tough break that's not as dramatically dense as the stripping away of a lucha-libre mask, but in the symbolic realm of the imagination any loss of gear in the squared circle is a provocation. I wonder whether the kerchief, like the red ensign's shirt or the pink leotard, could become a sign of doom. Possibly not.


  1. Have you seen Brady and Scotty's Flex On The Beach movie? I wrote a post about it on my blog months ago, but I haven't had a chance to see it yet.

  2. Not yet, Bruno. That one, along with BEST OF BRADY MALIBU (both available through Brady's official site:, is on my XMas wish list. (I hope I get that promised bonus this year.)


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