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Wrestling Arsenal, one of my favorite wrestling blogs, perhaps the favorite, inaugurated "Project Doughboy" a week ago, celebrating "soft-bellied jobbers--the clumsy doormats and submissive punching bags that many wrestling fans simply dismiss or laugh at." Arsenal is onto something here. As much as the next guy, I like lean hard muscle and a sharp jawline, but I've always been upfront about also having a soft spot for a soft spot.

Soft-on-soft is something I can get into, too, especially when the doughboys are not pushovers (turnovers?), but can put some nudge behind the pudge. Even better if the two have a beef between them--let's call it an Arby's match. Charles Parrish's pictures of Wednesday night's Ohio Valley Wrestling taping, in which Shiloh Jonze, 5'9", 190#, and Brandon Espinosa, 5'10", 190#, two wrestlers with a bit "more to shove," take each other on in what appears to be the first match, offer a case in point. Yeah, one more "interesting" curve on my kinks.


  1. I especially like how the black haired one in the black trunks (is that Brian Espinoza?) is completely confident in wearing the same gear he might wear if he WAS a lot leaner and more ripped. Hot, hot.

  2. Yes, Stay Puft, Espinosa is in the black trunks, and Jonze is in the purple "daisy-dukes."

  3. A very prescient discussion. Seems BG East is about to release just such a match on the new Rookie Wreckers 1: Bad, Badder, Baddest. It features match between a beefier Caleb Brand taking it to a very handsome and just a touch soft-bellied blond prettyboy called Gavin Keys. Looks to be a very sexy sweatfest.

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