Boy versus Cabana

In this match, Alex Avgerinos, 17, 6'0", 182#, plays "Young Boi," the spoiled, pouty, wet-behind-the-ears prodigy of flamboyant heel manager T-Dawg. He actually thinks he's got the nuts to take on former ROH and WWE star Colt Cabana, 31, 6'1", 233#, somebody he has tried to emulate in the past. Young Boi tries every dirty trick in his Heel Scout Handbook to gain the upper hand, but Cabana has him in size, experience, and know-how, so Boi does not stand a chance. (What's more, in the match's coda, not included in the video, Avgerinos' loss gave Cabana five minutes alone with T-Dawg in the ring--mano a mano--and the Dawg got his ass pwned.)


  1. Lol @ Boy's face in pic #6 expression is priceless


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