The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

I haven't seen it, so this is not a review, but I would like to see it. Kristoffer Diaz's satiric stage play The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity brings together three things I love: wrestling, theatre, and social critique (I quote Los Angeles Times reviewer Charles McNulty: "Diaz finds in the flamboyant, carefully stage-managed fakery of professional wrestling a metaphor for a modern-day America sold out to corporate values and perpetually paranoid about racial otherness"--and, one hopes, it has something to say about homophobia, too). The comedy was one of four finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in drama last year (Next to Normal took the prize), and the reviews I've read (from Chicago and LA) indicate that the wrestling scenes are every bit as daring, aggressive, and spectacular as I might hope.

Anybody seen it? Tell me about it.


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