Enough Is Not Enough

Okay, fellas, please forgive me, but it was my first live wrestling show, and, really, so what if this is my fourth post in two weeks on it? But photographer Blake Arledge has published his photos of the December 8th GOUGE matches here, and I just wanted to share several of my favorites here. As usual, Blake captures the action up close with a nearly unerring sense of the right moment to snap. You can even play the Skull Island version of Where's Waldo? and search for me lurking in the background: bald, bespectacled, a standout in my professorial tweed jacket. I see a heel manager's position for me someday: Professor Bizzaro or Doctor Crippler or EvilTriumPhD!

Caleb Konley on Mickey Gambino

Otto Schwanz on The Goat

Stoney Hooker on Grizzly Redwood

Alex Avgerinos on Colt Cabana


  1. Underwear trunks = rowr.

    And they don't have enough heel managers anymore. I LOVE Vicki Guerrero and Truth Martini. You SHOULD bring that back (I like Evil TriumPhD)!


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