For a spell, several decades ago, I was a wrestling purist. Pro wrestling was fake, but I tolerated it so long as it looked real--and so long as the wrestlers were hot. I ordered videos from Can-Am, BG, BG East, and Old Reliable, but favored the straight-edge stuff over the kink. Even from gay sites, I ordered five or six non-nude matches for every one buck-naked or high-stakes match--and it might surprise you to hear that I usually found the latter disappointing. On prime-time TV, Kevin Von Erich corner-mounting a bad guy porned me up more than two skinny twinks in baby oil thrusting up against each other in an inflatable pool. I (briefly) stopped mail-ordering erotic wrestling tapes because, in my opinion at the time, they had drifted too far towards fantasy. And I was not alone. Even the gay companies produced videos of wrestlers vocally self-conscious that what they were doing might be construed as "sexy" or "fruity"--some using harsh homophobic slurs to drive the point home.

The past twenty years, however, have been my post-purist phase. "I used to be Snow White," Mae West once quipped, "but I drifted." I drifted.

Over the years I have come to appreciate many kinds of wrestling and many wrestling kinks. I did not--and still do not--value them all equally. I still prefer Kevin to, say, the late and too short-lived Naked Kombat. But my tastes have expanded--some of you who have read this blog for long enough have watched them expand. I doubt my tastes will ever be universal and indiscriminate. But now I think of the stuff I don't care for as stuff I don't care for yet. The thing is the Christianists are right about one thing: you give in to a kink and that kink becomes a gateway to even more kink. But that's a good thing. It's called human growth and development, and it's practically inevitable unless you bind yourself to a set of artificial strictures and standards and punish yourself for straying from them. On this point, again I have to go with Mae--and I paraphrase loosely: I may have lost my scruples, but I never missed them.

I appreciate eroticombat as something different from but comparable to my dorm-room wrestling matches in the '70s and the strenuous grunt'n'groan rassling I watched on TV in the '70s and early '80s. It's sweeter than real wrestling, but rougher than flirting. To the struggle to dominate, it adds the act of seduction. It's well known that the sport of wrestling involves both the mind and the body. Eroticombat is a bit more finely focused, involving the hypothalamus (the brain's whorehouse) and the erogenous zones. The eroto-grappler wants to mount his man--and turn him to jelly with an aggressive touch. In most males, straight or gay or bi, the erogenous zones are the scalp, the ears, the lips, the neck, the fingers, the nipples, the tailbone (coccyx), the cock, the balls, the perineum, and the toes. A master of eroticombat "attacks" all these points--or as many as he can get his hands on.

I count Kid Vicious, 6'1", 170#, at BG East as a true master of eroticombat--and, from the looks of things in last year's Sexy Showdown 5: Florida Fun, so is his opponent, Skrapper, 5'10", 145#. SS5:FF might be the Kama Sutra of eroticombat, since the men find endless vantage points from which to squeeze, tease, prod, twist, kick, kiss, lick, and punch each other, until one is completely in the thrall of the other. Never have the words "I give" been packed with so many layers of meaning or so much pulsating emotion. Even the way these guys apply traditional wrestling holds--such as the sleeper, for instance--brims with palpably sexual energy. You would not expect to see either of these guys on the covers of fitness magazines (though both are fit and nicely built), on a Milan catwalk, or in a WWE ring. But for the duration of this match, they are sex gods. At the risk of being overblown (a constant risk in this blog), the match is a ritual of primal aggression and amorous play, and I would wager that, if you let yourself go with it (i.e. stop telling yourself that the cover boys on DNA magazine are "hotter" or that the wrestling isn't "real" or that you're really into chicks), it will raise your libido a couple of notches.


  1. Kid Vicious and Skrapper are both good at what they do. KV's been around longer, so he's got a broader range of matches that each add another aspect to his persona. Obviously some matches are expressly sexual, others are non-nude yet still have a blatant sexual air. I think that's KV's appeal: whether the match is a str8 up sexfight or a "pure" WWE/indy type pro match, when he touches another wrestler's body, be it with a balled up fist or an open hand stealing another illicit caress, you get the feeling he's got more than winning on his mind. An air of sexual menace I'd call it, which is quite a valuable character trait in this game.

    My fave KV match is kind of a hidden gem: KV vs. Chad Weston. Weston was this rather well muscled Aussie personal trainer type who came to my attention cuz he beat up my all-time fave blond bodybuilder hunk archetype Troy Baker on the mats with both bare-assed in T-backs in a prior match. He was rather smug about abusing my then-fantasy boyfriend (and, fuck it--people can say all they want about skill and engagement in wrestling. But to this day I'll argue my ass off against anyone who says Troy Baker wasn't one of the 10 best wrestlers in BGE history), which raised my ire.

    So, when Weston stepped into the ring with Kid Vicious, watching KV gratuitously beat, stomp and bodyslam the smug out of him was its own reward. But when Weston crawled out of the ring, collapsed on the couch, reflexively humping the cushions as if he was so mind-blown from what had just happened that he no longer recognized the barrier between pain and pleasure, flipped over a moment later to reveal a raging erection literally dripping in his trunks and KV walked over to finish him... well, Weston's desperate, "No... please... I'm out of the ring!" as KV strips him out of his useless trunks and orders him to jerk off lest he suffer further is still burned in my brain as one of the great moments in gay wrestling.

  2. Josh: Thanks for drawing Weston to my attention. The match with Vicious sounds like something I might like. I plan to check it out sometime. Whoever said Troy Baker is no good in the ring, it was not me; I would side with you on this one. Troy always brought something nice to his matches.


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