In the Sixties Wearing Green on Thursdays Meant You Were Gay

I am the guy with the green jeans and white iPhone trying desperately to focus on Stoney Hooker's kneepad. I'm pretty sure it was the kneepad I was aiming at. Stoney is laughing, having just been tossed from the ring by "Man Scout" Jake Manning, and Tommy Too Much is leaning in to taunt him, probably too much. Blake Arledge captured this Norman Rockwell moment at last Thursday's GOUGE Wrestling show in Raleigh, North Carolina, and then tagged me on Facebook. My friend Shane said I looked like I was "in heaven" the whole evening, and now I see that I looked pretty much like an effeminate six year old opening birthday presents and finding the original cast album of South Pacific. Since I'm still grinning a week after seeing this show, I thought I would repost the picture here.


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