Beau Nasty, 5'11", 180#, is one of the most underrated heels of the BG East universe, underrated, I hate to admit, even in these pages. It's been almost four years since Nasty last showed up in a BGE match, but in a mere five bouts, he established himself as a wrestling icon. Last night I watched Tag Team Torture 5, in which Nasty and tag partner Shane Styles take on Nick Archer and Aryx Quinn. Beau is smooth--pomade-sculpted raven curls, eyes like pools of Kahlua, a nose begging to be punched, sardonic jutting lips, torso fashioned by Mattel and Ferrari, and arms and legs that mean business. He looks like one of the pampered bad boys that ruled high school in the Karate Kid movies. Watching him struggle with Archer, also underrated, I was thinking, "God, even the way that kid breathes is hot!"

First, you have to respect the name, which captures both the man's arrogance and his malevolence. Then there's the way Nasty carries himself--like he's the boss's spoiled son, varsity quarterback, class president, and Fernand Mondego, all wrapped into one tasty package. TTT5 is best when Nasty and Archer are in the ring together. Nasty is bigger, craftier, but Archer is tougher, more brutal. Nick works Beau like taffy, and Beau sells every assault. I would love to see Archer and Nasty one on one for a full match. I would love to see what Kid Vicious or the Brooklyn Bodywrecker would do to him, or what he could do facing off against new meat like Jake Jenkins or Dylon Roberts. Nothing stokes me like a dashing heel, and in Nasty, we have one of the prettiest rascals ever to pick the wrong man to sneer at.


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