New Faces (and Heels) of 2011

Of the new underground wrestlers who caught my eye in 2011, these are the ones I will most likely keep my eye on in 2012. Some for their faces, some for their bodies, some for their attitudes, some for their skills on the mat or in the ring, and some for their faces, bodies, attitudes, and skills. Perhaps some of these guys were on the scene somewhere before 2011, but all of them were unknown to me this time last year. These wrestlers join the canon of the heroic and beautiful and mean and raunchy wrestlers I have looked up to since the early 1970s. To use the classic jargon, these men are "my type." These are the fighters who give me hope for a kinky new year.



  1. Happy New Year, Joe! I hope you (and the rest of us) get to see much, much more of your type in 2012.

  2. That is the cutest picture of Jake Jenkins EVER.


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