The Ref Who (Almost) Stole Christmas

UCW jumps into the holiday spirit with both feet with this new release [171]. When Aron and Stay*c Adams catch Pyro (aka Violent Ref) sneaking away with all the presents Santa left for other wrestlers, they teach him a lesson in the true spirit of Christmas, and Corporal Punishment pitches in to help. What a terrific showcase for UCW's new talent. Each man gets a shot at Pyro individually, and things get wilder as, in unison, they crack the burglar's balls, slug his bowl full of jelly, tangle him up like last year's tree lights, and wrap him like a re-gifted George Foreman Grill.  Aron (in yellow) follows up his promising debut against Stay*c [167] with an even more dazzling display of aggressive energy here. Stay*c (in green) and Corporal Punishment (in urban-camo trunks) appear poised to be, along with Joker, UCW's preeminent heels. And Pyro (hot as his name) suffers ecstatically. UCW skimps on nothing here--we get a full 40 minutes of OMFG mayhem. This is sexy, true-to-the-season merrymaking, teaching us all that Christmas is not so much about receiving  as giving--and giving and giving and then crying uncle--and it's not the size, number, or cost of the presents that counts, but rather the ways we spend our time with the people close to us.


  1. You need to add one aspect to the description: a triple-team spanking for the poor ref! This was well worth the price of admission!


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