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At Thursday's IMPACT Wrestling on Spike TV (video here), Zema Ion, 5'8", 170#, pins strongman Anthony Nese, 5'10", 213#, three times, just to let wrestling fans know what he's all about! Speaking just for myself, this triple-humiliation finisher in the final 60 seconds of the match is worth waiting through the preceding four minutes of flying-squirrel antics. Save the power tumbling for the gymnastics floor exercises at the Olympics, dudes. Body on body is what I'm here for. 


  1. did anyone save this video by any chance? it was a great match and it was removed from you tube

  2. oh found it:

  3. Oh man, all of a sudden had an instinct to search for Tony Nese posts and my libido for Nese has skyrocketed again. Thankful that TNA's choice clip cuts right to the chase now lol. I'd pay Zema to continue the triple humiliation to 10x XD. Small filipino working over the muscle god. So hot!


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