Tournament for Tomorrow

Drew Gulak, 24, 5'11", 195#, battles Aaron Epic, 28, 5'10", 199#, in this complete first-round match, taped two weeks ago, as part of Beyond Wrestling's Tournament for Tomorrow. For me, the fight rocks mostly because Gulak and Epic, closely matched in size, weight, and experience, contrast strikingly in their combat styles. Gulak, a scientific, catch-as-catch-can grappler, more than holds his own against Epic, a hard hitter with MMA training. The whole point of the Tournament is for the largely unnoticed but aggressively determined contestants (eight in all) to grab the attention of mainstream wrestling fans and build a strong base of supporters. You'd be hard-pressed to find better gritty, fire-in-the-belly action anywhere. Only two years old, Beyond Wrestling has stretched beyond its original concept of closed matches between unknown and inexperienced wrestlers, having in 2011 staged live shows open to the public and attracted top-shelf talent from Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA.


  1. Drew Gulak is incredibly impressive: hot attitude, impressive skills, impeccable timing and perfectly packed in those sexy trunks. He's the type of worker who not only gives me wood, but gives me hope for the future of the business

  2. Drew Gulak is certainly impressive; one of those wrestlers who reminds me (as if I need reminding) why I love pro wrestling. He has the attitude and skill to have me watching his every move avidly, and looks great in his sexy shiny trunks.

  3. Dr Dmitri DebonovMay 15, 2012 at 9:46 AM

    Drew Gulack is a class act in everyway. He is eloquent in his speech and equally eloquent in his ring performance.
    Gulack is one of those wonderful rarities of wrestling that combines good looks and finesse with impressive ring skills.
    He is a breed unto himself-- a maverick of mat magnificence.


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