Bring It

Davey Blaze, 28, 6', 190#, at British Championship Wrestling
We enter 2012 with UFOs purportedly spiraling over major cities, a US Congress bulldozing the division of powers and separation of church and state, New York's finest on the Wall Street's dime picking off members of the Occupy movement, North Korea looking for a new schizo dictator who can hit the ground running, Ugandans thirsting for gay blood and Nigerians thirsting for Christian blood, and a second season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York to get through. This is no year to be a wuss, gentlemen, so man up and put on your best fight faces--every twelve years the Year of the Dragon promises a firestorm as ambitious men and women run roughshod over everybody and everything in an all-out bid for total domination.

(Photo by David J. Wilson)


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