Choked and Crushed Again

Without doing the counting and comparing, I think it's a reasonably safe bet that Krush and Lucien at Krushco have the longest lived feud in underground wrestling. Their latest confrontation involves a whole lot of choking and asphyxiation, with Krush repeatedly wringing out the longhair hipster but good, in a match that also has something for fans of hair pulling (guess whose?) and gut punching.

Lovers of underground wrestling often divide their loyalties between pro-style ring action on the one hand and freestyle and submission mat action on the other. Typically the former emphasizes beautiful bodies in illustrative poses and dramatic angles with colorful characterization. And the latter, aggression and sweaty body contact, usually stripped down to one-on-one mano-a-mano competition--no gimmicks, no storyline.

Preferences may vary, but I suspect there's a pretty large number of fans like me who enjoy both (a lot!) and still leave room in their hearts for variants like oil wrestling, cage matches, backyard roughhouse, and all-out porn with strong sadoerotic themes. Not to mention the hybrids showcasing two or more or all of the above.

Those who do not care for submission wrestling sometimes complain that it is long, some matches lasting a half of forever (no problem at all for its fans); repetitious, with many matches looking virtually indistinguishable from each other (still no problem--steaks done rare are pretty much the same wherever you get them, a fact that you never hear steak lovers complaining about); and too often devoid of pretty fitness-magazine cover boys we all (or most of us) love (still no problem for diehard fans who enjoy a wrestler's grit, aggression, knowledge of holds, and will to dominate at least as much as his beauty and physique). 

I always perk up at the announcement of a new Krush-versus-Lucien contest, even though they seldom are anything but one-sided--a drawback only for someone like me, with no particular affection for squash jobs--though I would argue that Lucien's agility and feist nicely complement Krush's mass and mat savvy. And though it's fairly clear that Krush's aggressive assaults require little if any "selling," per se, Lucien, a feral and street-smart beauty, suffers exquisitely at the hands of the brash and merciless Krush.

In their most recent match I especially enjoyed a fairly long strangle session involving a garroting by black strap and, to add insult to injury, a fierce yanking of hair. Also, periodically throughout the bout, Krush glares menacingly into the camera lens, no doubt largely to check the monitor of the stationary camera, but also, so I like to think, to warn off us viewers, as if to say, "Don't even think about interfering! This one is mine!"


  1. My favorite part of this match is Lucien's final submission where Krush hyperextends his shoulder muscle and nearly rips it off the bone. I'd love to see Krush work Lucien over like he did to Kain in Underground 66. The more brutal Krush is to his opponents, the more I get turned on!

    1. hmmmm

      we should havewatchedit together:)

  2. Ditto to that!!!

    100% Krush fan here!!


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