I can't keep up with all that's going on at Thunder's Arena these days (my wallet's not that fat, especially in these famished days after the holidays), but the photos and trailers alone are intriguing enough for me ... for now, anyway.

I'm still hoping for a fat 2011 tax return to see the Arena's Christmas release, featuring Big Sexy and Dominic in domination mode, with new boys Tak and Octane tied up in knots and fairy-lights. Then earlier this month Tak brought along big brother, Impact, 6'1", 205#, exactly the kind of strapping man-boy that could make my knees go weak. And now Octane has his second bout in just weeks, this time against suave and cocky Z-Man in Bodybuilder Battle 53

I can't keep up with all this!

Thunder's is launching what look like an exciting card and a refreshing new wave for 2012. Tak versus Octane and Impact versus Big Sexy strike me as logical (perhaps inevitable) next steps. And who knows what new match-ups and talent await in the wings!


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