My favorite match of Jonny Firestorm's early heel era is Ultra Fight 7, in which he takes on fellow bad boy Frankie Flave. Flave, 5'4", 175#, and Firestorm, 5'5", 145#, were well matched in what I always took to be a heel-vs-heel bout, with Firestorm ultimately proving to be the nastier and the mightier of the two--surprise, surprise--and, by battle's end, by a pretty hefty margin. (I find it hard to believe Flave is 30 pounds heavier than Firestorm here, but those are the roster stats, and you know how scientifically exact they tend to be.)

To this day this BG East neo-classic hits a number of my hot buttons: hair pulling, scissors, intricate and knotty holds that lock two hardy bodies together, headlocks, corner-rope roughhouse, low blows, schoolboy pins, thigh punishment, and strangulation, to name but a few. Flave's shiny, bulge-enhancing trunks and curly, meticulous haircut struck me as feminizing marks (oddly enough, given the bulge) that contrasted sexily with Firestorm's comparatively more butch gear and crewcut. They were complementary in appearance, the neighborhood bully versus the conceited club kid, and both liked keeping the action on the tough side.

It's vigorous and invigorating, and the guys work up quite a nice sweat by the end. You may like it, too.


  1. HI Joe thanks on the review,Do you have this match to share with me bye email

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