Whichever way you cut it, Rock Hard's battle between Tyler Reeves, 6'1", 175#, and Max Powers, 6'1", 190#, is primo aggro fun. Both fighters show up ready to roar in black trunks and identical skinhead mode, same clipper setting and same guard attachment, it looks like ... all set to cut loose on each other for almost twenty minutes. I think it's safe to say that what follows is grand-style whoopass from start to finish--perhaps an instant classic for those, like me, who savor the sight of two big well-matched men gradually wearing each other down with a volley of punches, headlocks, and clutches, along with some strategically aimed boot heels.

In three rounds, we see the advantage switch a dozen times. Predictably, but still nice, Reeves and Powers each win one of the first two rounds. That raises the drama-quotient for the final round, and by then the two of them are good and stoked for taking things to the limit. They look great, and, beyond that, both men are determined to make their marks with this bout as genuine die-hard brawlers, and, as the action heats up, they seem to want nothing more than to gain victory through extorting the greatest possible pain from the other. Tyler's savvy perfectly balances against Max's brawn. These two heavy hitters sweat buckets as they exhaust themselves on each other. When one of them barely coughs out his ultimate submission, the victor slaps his limp palm and tells him, "Good boy!"

Do I recommend this video? Oh hell yeah, my brothers.


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