Wrestling Is Not Pretty

Simon Sermon and Tommy Too Much (The Exotic Ones) beat Jon and Trey Williams (The Washington Bullets) in Carrollton, Georgia, last Saturday in a heel-versus-heel match for Peachstate Wrestling Alliance. The Exotics sweated like pigs to get the job done and smeared their mascara in the process--but still smashed nuts and skulls to rise triumphant and fabulous at last.

Heel-versus-heel is pretty much how I like my pro wrestling: a nail-biter to the finish. Wrestlers who hit low, talk shit, and cop attitude, should have to face their equals now and then. I still think the styles should contrast, as here we get gay-club bad versus urban-street bad. But when bad goes up against bad, all bets are off, and the outcome is far from obvious.

Do I mind that the gay gimmick is always a heel gimmick? A little, I guess. I'd like to see a gay babyface, of course. I'd mind more if the gay gimmick were always a jobber gimmick. Simon and Tommy may dress like Malaysia Airlines stewardesses, but they're big and they hit hard.

What I would really like to see is a pro bout pitting gay villain against another gay villain. I've talked about male catfights elsewhere, and seriously it's something the pro world needs to pick up on. The Exotic Ones need a pair of spoiled, swishy twinks or gym bunnies to manhandle. Now that would be a show I would hate to miss!

(Photos by Harold Jay Taylor)


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