And the Winner Is ...

I just finished an online fantasy fight, an Oscar after-party scenario, pitting fighter against fighter in an empty Beverly Hills swimming pool (my buddy's idea), featuring (this was my idea) BG East wrestler Tyrell Tomsen in a coat of metallic gold paint, the life-sized personification of the iconic bald statuette. I won't go into details over our klieg-lighted spectacle, with miles and miles of decadence, but my casting of Tomsen was inspired by his recent double-header, Wrestle Revenge, in which he first Pearl-Harbors pretty Z-Man in the john and thus incurs the wrath of the mighty and short-fused Dev Michaels, seeking revenge. 

The BGE matches touch on a number of hot points for me. As fight themes go, vengeance and justice have a powerful hold on my libido. Comeuppance is cumuppance in my fantasies, which, arguably, is perhaps the only place one can ever find true justice. Both matches work independently of each other, little gems complete in themselves. Tomsen versus Z-Man nicely exhibits both men's bodies, with Tomsen easily dominating the smooth, unblemished Z-Man. When Michaels shows up, he looms over Tomsen by almost exactly the same degree as Tomsen over Z-Man. Michaels is one of those huge, billowing strong men whose sweaty hairy chests and bellies fill me with lust and dread. Revenge is sweet, but not nearly as easy for Dev as you might guess, since Tomsen knows his way around a grunt-'n'-groan slamfest. It's a magnificent pair of fights that balance each other cleverly. I was lucky enough to preview the fights a month or so ago and help write their descriptions for BGE's latest catalog. Tomsen has impressed me in his earlier matches, but these two trump the rest.


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