Black in White

BG East's Gut Bash 9 smashes through the usual cliches of gut-punch videos. It's got drama, character, theme, and Eli Black's zero-body-fat eight-pack.

Some fans are satisfied just watching an endless loop of knuckles connecting with belly buttons. (I understand that. I could be happy watching two hot wrestlers locked in an hour-long dragon clutch.) And what's so bad about an endless loop? Repetition and tension are what wrestling's about. Pretty much every sport entails an action repeated ... senselessly and tediously, to the uninitiated eye. GB9 stints nothing in the fine art of repeated abdominal punishment, but it's oh so much more than that.

In his BGE debut, Black sports the merest hint of white trunks and a midsection that looks like it could stop a torpedo. He's got steel-cage experience in mixed martial arts and a chip the size of a redwood on his shoulder.

Morgan Cruise is a stocky, hairy-chested catch-as-catch-can wrestler--old-school variety--so refreshing to see young dudes upholding that grand tradition! And he has arms and thighs that might bring torpedos to mind. 

So it's a battle between MMA savvy and catch-wrestling steam, between wiry and brawny, speed and stamina, smooth and hairy.

And Cruise and Black deliver for a full 45 minutes. That's roughly two Monday Night Raws, minus the promos, entrances, glowering, and commercials. And these two hellions ride the action, near total exhaustion and shimmering with perspiration, all the way to the finisher.


  1. Those abs are definitely worthy of a gut bash!

    Now... how epic will the much hyped rematch between Eli and Jake Jenkins be through the BG East lens? Possibly maybe? I hope it happens.

    Or perhaps a match with Kid Karisma? I'd love to see Eli caught in a suspended surfboard. Wow. How about a back breaker over the knee or a punishing boston crab? Yes please.

  2. So you want me to lose,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol, even if you do win the match at the end you can still suffer through all those things first. ;)

  4. From what I hear via a BG East insider, the rematch between Eli and Jake is a dazzling display of mat skills and tenacity - showcasing both talents in ways that the random and often illogical action of their ring match only hinted at - and in very sexy gear. They wouldn't reveal the outcome of the rematch but apparently it will cement both reputations as the best and brightest of this new generation BG stars.

  5. This sounds quite epic. Thanks for sharing this insider info. I hope you take this one Eli and even the score. Then perhaps a MMA match between the two of you to determine the ultimate victor?

    I hope this release will come sooner than later. As in next month/catalogue release...? (:

  6. I would love to see a 4 man battle with Jake, Eli, Austin and Kid Karisma. What an awesome match that would be

  7. whatever match, I love anything that involves beating on those incredibly tight abs of Eli's! the gutbash 9 vid was awesome! I had to purchase the RHW jenkins match since it seemed to promise more of the same. would love a 2 on 1 where jake and ethan pound the crap out of Eli's unbreakable midsection!!

  8. thanks Eli for a great match in gutbash 9! totally hot! bought the RHW jenkins match after that. sooo hot! can't wait for you to take another beating on those stone abs!!


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