Fire and Rain

The sound and the scent of rain are nostalgic for me. Maybe that's true for everyone. Kurosawa always put downpours to good effect in his samurai films, paeans to lost feudal Japan. Rain shows up in a lot of love songs, too, often enough to set the mood for idle, liquor-soaked lovemaking. 

In BG East's Gazebo Grapplers 1, Lance Jeffers, with his genial Dixie grin, and tall and husky drink of water Brandon Aldrich walk through a sudden cloudburst to get to the gazebo. They wrestle in worn-out jeans and sleeveless undershirts at first, till they get good and hard. Then the shirts and the denims peel off, and the two men wrestle boner to boner, all the while the rain pattering steadily on the roof. 

In a manner that predictably drives me to heights of horniness, Jeffers and Aldrich alternate roughhouse with serious face sucking, the short, hairy, and pugnacious Lance balanced against the tall, cornfed Brandon, whose thigh muscles alone drive me a little crazy. Here's about the only porn that's 100% guaranteed to work on me: two aggressive manly men who like to lick balls, bite nipples, and grind into each other, struggling for the right to top the other ... and it's only sweeter with the shower pushing the cool, loam-scented air over their bodies, two warrior-lovers with blood boiling, deep groans and ecstatic yelps mingling. Two regular guys' guys, with unusual drive and staying power.  Naked wrestling in the fresh air would have been plenty, but add the rain, and it all seems like memories.

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


  1. Lance Jeffers' seemingly ever-hard bulge always gets me hot watching his matches. Win or lose that man just seems aroused by the mere concept of a hard fought battle in the ring (or mats, or gazebo, or locker room, or parking lot lol)

  2. Another BG stud who's always mean and rock hard is Jarret Cole. The match between Jeffers and Cole is one of my favorite.


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