The main event at February 11th's Nightmare to Remember (the second annual tribute to wrestler "Nightmare" Ted Allen, who died in 2010 at age 54) featured Kyle Matthews, 5'9", 178#, wrestling his old nemesis Jimmy Rave, 6', 201#. The two good-looking wrestlers (both regulars on Rampage Pro Wrestling's roster) were well matched and aggressive. The eighteen-minute battle excited the crowd in Villa Rica, Georgia, as a laconic Matthews stalked loudmouth heel Rave, who drew a lot of heat by stalling, fighting dirty, and running away when it looked like Kyle was about to muss him up. But he didn't run fast enough. In the end, according to reporter Larry Goodman,  "Matthews dropped Rave with a superkick and nailed him with the Slurpee Kick for the clean win." After the win, Matthews, who was scheduled to wrestle Allen the evening he died two years ago, took the mike to honor his old mentor: "I love you, I miss you, thank you."

(Photos: Harold Jay Taylor)


  1. More beards in professional wrestling! But nice beards like this, not big, out of control ones.

  2. Kyle is uber-hot. Joe, where did you find Harold Jay Taylor's photos of this match?

    1. Taylor posts photos on his Facebook page and on the walls of the various promotions he shoots.

  3. Got to agree that Kyle is hot, but this is the best that Jimmy Rave has looked in years as well ... now that’s he older, slightly more bulk and doesn’t look like he is constantly in need of a bath, I find him much more appealing than the Rave of the past in RoH... anybody else?


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