Bad Company

Photographer Blake Arledge tells me that one of my favorite Carolina wrestlers, Stoney Hooker, has turned heel at Trans-South Wrestling, and this past weekend in Union, South Carolina, Hooker pulled the once-innocent rookie Alex Avgerinos into his web of sin. "They started the show facing each other," Blake tells me, "but it was a ruse to get Jeff Connelly to the ring to save Alex; then Alex turned on him--They're bringing in Matt Hardy next month as part of the angle." I'm licking my lips: Hooker and Avgerinos as partners, beyond that, as angel-faced heels. Let the villainy begin!

The ruse introduced a later match between Hooker and Connelly, which Hooker won, with Avgerinos piling on at the end. Of course, Hooker and Avgerinos have both dabbled with their dark sides in previous matches, but the pairing of the two promises to be something special.

(More of Blake's good stuff here. And you can watch the match here.)


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