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I am stoked that Randy Blue model and BG East wrestler Braden Charron, 5'8", 200#, responded to his inclusion in my birthday list of favorite matches over the previous year. Specifically his match against Alexi Adamov, 6'1", 183#, in Fantasymen 34 caught my attention this past year. Unfortunately, of the 59 matches that rocked my world last year, this was one of seven that I did not have a link for, having never properly reviewed it in these pages.* So here's the review.

I did not expect to like the match as much as I did. Not that I did not already like Braden and Alexi individually. They are muscle gods extraordinaire. Yet both made (if I may say so) less than illustrious starts in underground wrestling, and both are rather taciturn performers, usually playing off charismatic, high-energy opponents like Tyrell Tomsen, Kid Vicious, Donnie Drake, Brad Rochelle, and Jonny Firestorm. 

They payed their dues as whipping boys--learned to sell the moves of other wrestlers and in time acquired the skills necessary to command the ring. Still, I had no way of knowing what chemistry these two men could churn up between them one on one. It's an aggressive bout, exhilarating and hot. Even reviewing the stills for this post have, well, affected me deeply.

What we have here is, largely, what I've spoken of before: well-matched contrasts--tall, creamy-complexioned Alexi versus stout, ruddily tan Braden. Against each other, they show spirit I hadn't noticed in their previous matches. Alexi wears a silvery, silky bikini, that slides against his crotch and buns like a cheerleader's panties. Braden packs himself into red-white-and-blue trunks--achieving enough of a superhero effect to elicit a droll insult from the usually well-mannered Alexi.

This is a back-and-forth match of the sort I tend to prefer. Each man wins one of the first two rounds, setting up a battle in the third round that set my heart to racing. Repeatedly each man almost gets a pinfall, but his opponent powers out a quarter-second after the count of two. I suppose I had somehow come to think that "fantasymen" meant a lot of posing, leaving viewers to "fantasize" what a real fight between them would have been like. These guys bring the real fight with them. And they look ripped and swole, too. And in a moment of true glory, the winner of the third round wrests a submission from his man, only to insist on a proper pin to solidify the deal. Sweet.

*I did, however, write the catalog description for this match, barely able to suppress my tendency to gush when stimulated (double-entendres intended).


  1. Sorry to have confused you but I just meant that I luv Bradren and was glad to see one of his matches included among your faves.

    1. Disappointed, perhaps even crestfallen now.

    2. Sorry, Joe. My intent was to wish you a happy birthday and compliment you on your excellent taste. Luv your blog and hate to have disappointed you.

    3. No worries, my friend. I was just kidding. My dejection was kayfabe. Thanks for the clarification, all the same.

  2. No problem, and thank you for your awesome catalog description for the Braden vs Alexi match. It's one of the reasons that made me want to buy it. The other reason... those hot still shots of Braden and Alexi, of course! (Never realized that you wrote those descriptions. So cool!)

  3. A great description of the Branden V Alexi match Joe!

    The 3rd pic showing the Headscissors, the 5th showing the Camel Clutch and the 6th demonstrating a potential effective Sleeper were my favs!


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