Lush Lucha

Cage Thunder took me to task for including not even one hot masked wrestler on my birthday list yesterday. His complaint was bracketed with LOLs; still, I can't help but worry that Cage's out-loud laughter could conceivably come with crippling mayhem. I do in fact find masked wrestlers intriguing and sexy even though my first point of attraction is a man's face. Fortunately for me, Lucha Britannia, a comedy-enriched combination of burlesque and lucha libre, had a show on March 16th, superbly photographed by PUMP. Lucha Britannia is a show I would put on my bucket list, if only I had a bucket list. It's a gaudy mix of latex, masks, tits, fishnets, ponchos, biceps, camp, and, in the piranha mask, the tall, lean, and handsome Terry "El Pirano" Frazier (stomping somebody in the top picture). With luck, this small offering will quell the wrath of the masked god of thunder ... for a little while anyway.


  1. I've got to agree with Cage Thunder on this: I personally find masked wrestlers to be hundreds of times hotter than the unmasked ones.

  2. Who is the unmasked wrestler in the next-to-last photo?

    1. I believe he wrestles under the name Corporal Lance Wachowski, but I am not certain.

    2. He wrestles as "The Liquidator" Mr Synot.


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