Since Tyler Black left town, Mike Bennett, 6'1", 225#, tops my short list of favorite Ring of Honor wrestlers. Adam Cole, 5'11", 190#, is in tight competition with him for the top spot, and Davey Richards, 5'8", 208#, and Kyle O'Reilly, 5'11", 190#, are huge too. I be-fanned Bennett and Cole early in their pre-ROH days, and I'm pleased, very pleased, with their winning streaks over the past year.

Besides being the biggest of the lot, Bennett has more of the attitude and look that strike me as ideal for pro wrestling: chip on his shoulder, an insolent leer directed against opponents and pissed-off fans, serious shoulders, tree-trunk thighs, and a hard but nicely curved belly that begs to be punched. His pre-ROH feud with Matt Taven, who shows up from time to time on ROH, is what first drew my attention to him a couple of years ago, and I've liked his various incarnations since then: hothead, skinhead, dream date.


  1. I could not agree more. Mike Bennett is near perfect for me - ideal pro wrestler's body, ridiculously handsome face and an attitude that perfectly suits his looks. Like you, I've enjoyed him for years now. Steven Walters is my Indy stud of the moment, but Mike Bennett is in my Hall of Fame.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Mike Bennett and Adam Cole--ME TOO! My god you have good taste. (Although I'd add Michael Elgin into that mix.)

  3. "...and a hard but nicely curved belly that begs to be punched."

    Nothing hotter than a big, beefy muscle stud with a hard, round belly!


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