Come Out and Play

Gil Barrios and Jerry Connors are half the reason to check out BG East's Backyard Brawls 7, from a couple of years ago, if you have not already. The other half are Attila Dynasty and Denny Cartier. For me, Barrios versus Connors is the more satisfying. Hard, hairy thighs tip the balance.

By habit lately I am an indoors kind of guy. I have never camped out, not even in my backyard, I have gone hunting only once in my life, and I have gone fishing maybe six times, but not in almost forty years. When I lived closer to sandy beaches, I was a sun worshipper and saltwater swimmer. An outdoor wrestling match at the BG East compound is one of three or four things that could conceivably convince me to close my MacBook and put on my baseball cap and sunscreen to go squinting out into the light of day again.

Like most of the Brawls, this one, the most recent of the series, starts out with strapping youths in typical summer mall clothes, stripping down to square-cut trunks to wrestle, and then, after discreetly retiring to the grotto for privacy, stripping further to G-strings and, ultimately, nothing at all. The match between Jerry and Gil is particularly exciting because they seem to really enjoy the body contact and the chance to let loose a little of the pent-up stress of modern life via aggressive playtime. Just the possibility of fresh-air buck-naked horseplay makes me wonder why anyone would give a flip about golf, shuffleboard, or croquet.

I haven't yet seen Jerry in anything else, but Gil, 5'9", 165#, has been in a half dozen matches. Gil is boyishly good looking. He looks fun-loving and mischievous, with powerful shoulders and arms, and an ass like a couple of bowling balls covered in white silk. If I were a Hollywood moviemaker, I would cast him as Donatello in a film version of The Marble Faun. He and Jerry both smile shyly before they start getting busy, but when the action gets rolling, it is intense and rowdy till the end, as the men concentrate on cutting each other down to size.

It's really too bad that, in the USA, wrestling season ends in late winter. A lot can be said for viewing it as an outdoor sport in summer (as it is in Turkey and India, for instance). It would be nice to see grappling contests in city parks, town squares, and mown fields out in the country. Of course, I would be totally in favor of its going totally "Greek," naked and oily in pits of powdery sand, but, in neo-Puritan America, I could settle for tan, hale American youths in beltless jeans and no shirts on the green grass, surrounded by moms and dads and church youth directors sipping iced lemonade and shooting smart-phone documentaries of the contests.

BG East gives us the experience virtually with a decided gay spin, not only in Backyard Brawls but also in the Wrestle Shack, Gazebo Grapplers, and Wet 'N' Wild series.  BB7 is an especially good one, though.

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


  1. I like barrios and taylor naked. I like them butt to butt! Would like to do it too!


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