Future History


Gordon Solie used to say (and for all I know commentators everywhere used to say the same thing) that when tag-team partners turn on each other, the excitement is fueled by how well (how "intimately," I believe he said at least once) the two know each other and each other's moves. At the Ring of Honor show at Fort Lauderdale two weeks ago, the now dissolved team of Future Shock, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly, made the split official by facing each other in the ring. Kyle claims that he and he alone was the driving force of Future Shock--and, further, that he no longer needs to follow the rules of honor. Adam responds by calling Kyle "Davey's bitch," referring to Kyle's mentor and roommate Davey Richards. O'Reilly won the match. Live video feed of the show glitched up, so ROH has posted the complete match here on YouTube. I hope these guys are still going at it when I see my first live ROH next month in Richmond. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)


  1. Ooh, lucky Joe! I hope they'll still be going at it for you, too--maybe Adam will be able to get a little retribution! (I always felt bad at how he was getting treated in this feud--ditched by Kyle for Davey Richards, and then Kyle resenting it when Adam tried to move on with his life!)


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