Hardest Working Man in Wrestling

Cameron Mathews, 26, 5'11", 189#, is everywhere--and he's looking better than ever. The ubiquitous star of underground wrestling (Thunder's Arena, BG East, Cyberfights, and Can-Am) also works shows above ground for independent promotions as well, mostly on the East Coast, with credits that include big ones like Ring of Honor, NWA on Fire, and TNA Impact. The center shots above show him in an NWA on Fire show two weeks ago, wrestling Julian Starr. He's been wrestling professionally since he was fifteen. Though the spelling of his name varies (Mathews/Matthews) and he sometimes goes by "Champ," his self-presentation remains the same from venue to venue. He's also got his own website, worth checking out.

The shots below (by Paparazzo) give us Cam in a match for Northeast Championship Wrestling back in November, giving Jonny Firestorm (as we know him) what for. 

I'm a Cam Fan, going way back, more so now than ever before.


  1. Cam is awesome and he just keeps getting better... and hotter!

  2. Awright! I've been waiting for his beard! Hot!

  3. He really looks better as the years go by ... i'm much more of a fan of his now.


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