Methodical Sadism

Here is a tag-team match so wonderful you can find it in three different places. At BG Enterprise and Can-Am you can find it as part of two different disks: Arena 25 and Best of Arena 1, and at BG East it's the final match of Tag Team Torture 5. It should be available everywhere, required viewing for gay wrestling fans.

I did not always appreciate tag-team matches as I do today. I preferred the intimacy of singles matches. Still do, actually, but I have opened up. Of course I always enjoyed watching the Von Erichs in team action, but even then I mentally reedited the match and cobbled together a singles match. That all changed when Bard at neverland suggested that "all tag team matches should include the overt storyline of teams of lovers fighting one another." How this connection escaped me for all these years I can hardly imagine.

The teams here are Kids Leopard, 5'8", 155#, and Vicious, 6'1", 170#, East Coast heels invading the West Coast lair of BG Enterprise, probably sometime before the amicable split between East and West, and two bodies beautiful, Johnny Olson, 5'8", 150#, and Davey DeAngelo (aka Clayton Titus), 5'11", 182#, in peak condition.

The catalog descriptions tell the story better than I can, first Can-Am's, then BGE's, proving that, no matter the adjacent ocean, good wrestling action inspires colorful prose:
If you dangle the right kind of hot bodied, young rookie "baby-face" meat in front of Kids Leopard & Vicious, they will go to the lengths of the world to batter, bully, beat up, trash, buffalo and otherwise have a great deal of fun the "Kid Leopard way." The baby-faces, wearing matching orange trunks and white boots, enter the ring first, stretch their muscles with a towel between them. With earnest faces and glowing optimism they are confident of victory. They cannot believe that with their strength, muscled bodies, great endurance, and hold knowledge that they can possibly lose to these "kids"! Enter Kids Leopard & Vicious. An all-knowing smirk comes over KL's face. He's looking at these "baby faces" like they are sharkmeat [I think Can-Am means "shark bait"]. (Neither of the rookies knows it just yet, but they are.)
The Kids can hardly contain their glee, all but licking their lips at the sight. Davey gets the best of Vicious in a test of strength, then tags Johnny, who nails a flying headscissors. Watch those thick thighs flare and that bubble butt bounce! For a moment a glimmer of hope--until Vicious earns his name, slamming Johnny face first into the mat with stunning violence. Davey tries to save the day, but gets stretched over the ropes and gut punched, then "bitch tossed" all around the ring by his hair! All hell breaks loose: Leopard stomps Davey in the background, Vicious racks Johnny in the fore. Trading places, Vicious tramples Davey's rippled gut and works his long legs, while Leopard simply beats the holy hell out of humpy young Johnny: face-first slams into the mat, grinding knuckle gouges to the eyes, a have-to-see-it-to-believe-it slingshot into the turnbuckles before a running bulldog headlock that has the muscleboy victim humping the mat in spasms! Methodical sadism--sublime!


  1. Followed the link on your post, "Ooh La!" today, September 03, 2014, to land here. How could I not follow a Johnny link? Three pictures that I don't ever remember seeing are numbers 3,4 and 5. I am still breathing rather heavily as I write (you can't hear it or maybe you can) not just because Johnny is such a turn on but I never imagined he was "West Coast." It means I was 3000 miles closer to him than I thought. Oh , if only..........


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