Nese and Lee

Here are some capture shots of Tony Nese, 5'10", 213#, going up against Brodie Lee, 6'7", 285#, at Dragon Gate USA in Uprising, last June. I consider Bruno at Beefcakes of Wrestling the goto guy for information on Nese, with the biggest and prettiest cache of photos on the handsome New Yorker, tracing the man's career back some five years, including his work under the name "Maverick," and Bruno says that Nese has "the best abs in the business" ... and, folks, this is a man who knows! Bruno also affirms, through extensive research, that "the man looks good from every angle. Even upside down!" I can't remember how many videos of Nese in action I have seen--not many, and not nearly enough--but this DGUSA bout is a must-see!


  1. I stand by my words! Best abs, looks good from every angle, yadda yadda yadda... :-)


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