Reality Leaves a Lot to the Imagination*

Irish muscle god Prince Devitt plays heel to Tebowing teen junior-heavyweight champion Owen Phoenix in a real flesh-and-blood match that seems to have popped right out of my fantasy life. It's part of 4 Front Wrestling's just released DVD, WrestleWar, filmed last October in Swindon. It's a great little match with a sweet surprise ending and two of the UK's hottest wrestlers. And did I mention that Devitt, whose physique is perfection, is the heel? How could this possibly get any better? Well, as a promotion for the video release, 4FW is sharing this whole match in hi-def on YouTube ... for free!

Watch the entire 19-minute video here.

* Quote attributed to John Lennon.


  1. You had me at the phrase "Irish muscle god." He is absolute perfection, indeed. This makes me need to watch the match now.

  2. We at BG East and NewProWrestling are absolutely delighted with Devitt's international success. We have known and worked with him first when he was a trainee under Andre Baker's NWA/UK in Kent and then when he and Paul Tracey founded NWA/Ireland and especially when he came to work for BG East in Boston. In addition to being a spectacular talent whose gifts are justly being praised, he's a terrific guy as well. Watch for even greater things from him in the future!

    Kid Leopard

  3. This post inspired me to go check out Devitt on BG East only to find out that he's been scrubbed off the site. Kind of a bummer.


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