Chikara Grand

Ten days ago, at Chikara's tenth anniversary weekend, Jigsaw unsuccessfully challenged Eddie Kingston for the Grand Championship. Kingston had picked up the spanking new title by defeating Jigsaw's trainer and mentor Mike Quackenbush back in November; this was Eddie's fourth successful title defense. I have not yet seen the match in motion, so right now I'm totally dependent on Scott Finkelstein's fine still photos (above). What I like about it is that it's rough and tumble--at one point tumbling out of the ring and turning into a barroom brawl for real--and yet it ends with both men, movingly, behaving in a sportsmanlike fashion. As some of you know, I officially became a Jigsaw fan after his show (with Evolve) in Charlotte earlier this month--his niceness at the merch table, his acrobatics in the ring, and his broadness in the shoulders all contributed equally to my conversion.


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