How the Story Goes

On May 5th, in Hendersonville, North Carolina, 20-year-old apple-cheeked bodybuilder Brady Pierce, 6'4", 245#, beat adorable but evil teen Alex Avgerinos, 6'1", 192#, claiming the vacated championship belt at High Velocity Wrestling. Pierce had the squealing fans in his back pocket and an approximately 25-percent size advantage. Alex, too, had fans in attendance, and no wonder because he's smart, good-looking, and knows his shit in the ring. Quickly recognizing that he would be outmuscled in a clean grappling contest, Alex resorts to throwing a few face punches and using ring post and ropes as weapons to wear big Brady down, targeting the man's brawny arms for special punishment. For the better part of the match, it looks like Alex will outsmart his opponent and claim the belt as his own. Virtue and Cybex prevail, though. Brady turns the tide, firing back at Alex with raw brute force to reassert his rightful dominance. Then, climactically, Brady catches Alex as the heel is flying off the top rope and smashes him down to the mat for the three-count. It may be totally textbook, but this is a hot little fight. You can watch video of the match here on Alex's channel at YouTube. Photos: Blake Arledge


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