Let's Hear It!

Nick Archer versus Justin Pierce on BG East's Fantasymen 22 is one of those matches where I don't even have to watch the visuals; the audio alone is enough to induce a massive boner. But add to the grunting and groaning that seem to ascend directly from the wrestlers' scrotums the visuals of two of BGE's finest wrestlers grinding up against each other, and you have the material of classic kink wrestling. Honestly, I'm willing to admit this as a failure of my own imagination, but I cannot conceive of a man, gay, straight, or other, who would not be aroused by this intense and sensuous match between two of the hottest wrestlers ever.


  1. I'll definitely have to add Fantasymen 22 to my wish list. I mean, after that review, how can I not check out this match!? Thanks, Joe!

  2. I love both these guys, especially Justin. Loved him against Mikey Vee, winning the first fall, tenting his trunks with his massive tool. Ugh, I guess I know how I'll be spending the rest of my afternoon. Thanks for the reminder!


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