My Amateur Standing

As if my amateur standing as a wrestling photographer needed further confirmation, simply contrast these eight crisp, dramatic images of last weekend's Ring of Honor show in Richmond by accomplished photographer Jonathan McLarty with my own "snapshots" of the event here. I could quibble about relative access or quality of equipment, but these are better shots than I would have caught if I had been allowed to stand inside the ring with a $7000 Leica in hand. Clearly, I need some practice, not to mention a read-through of the product manual that came with my camera. McLarty caught bits of the action on Saturday that I missed, or got a better angle on some of the action I caught less well. Impressive shots overall, though, to be honest, I selected one simply because in it you can see me apparently staring at Zak Hilton's buns. (Do I look fat? I think I look fat.) I am still looking for a shot of me in the same frame as Mike Bennett.


  1. Who is the guy in the NC tights getting bent in half?!


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