Subject to Change

A semi-last-minute decision, the news that current obsession Ricochet would be on the card convinced me to drive the 2-3 hours to Charlotte to see Dragon Gate's Evolve 12 show this evening. I couldn't convince any friends to come along with me, so I'm going solo, in my rusty 2000 Chevy Malibu, an enterprise which feels weird to me, less in a fun kinky way than in a I-will-look-creepy-sitting-there-by-myself way. Also, I was informed that photography is not allowed during the show, so one of my crutches for handling the social awkwardness of going stag to an event has been removed. 

But I am hugely enthusiastic about tonight's show, and so I'm throwing caution (and shyness) to the wind. I have collected some online photos for my version of a "dream board": people whose sweat I would not mind having spattered on me this evening. Again with the lists! I won't include the good-looking pro wrestler who has specifically requested that I never mention or picture him on this blog. He'll be there tonight, and I'd be seriously tempted to turn my back to his match except that it features three other wrestlers I'm interested in seeing. 

It's a show jam-packed with high-flying hunks, so of course I'm at least going to try to be there for it. As usual, the card is tagged as "subject to change." If Ricochet, scheduled to fight El Generico, is a no-show, I will be devastated. The man is adorable, arrogant, and cruel--what's not to love? Also, I'm seriously stoked to see Mike Cruz go up against "Yours Truly" Alex Reynolds, and then there's Jigsaw, too, in a match against Low Ki. Johnny Gargano and AR Fox are two other favorites of mine scheduled to be on hand. Former reality-show celebrity Jonny Fairplay is scheduled. I never watched Survivor, so I'm not really familiar with his backstory. Caleb Konley and "Man Scout" Jake Manning, who were in my very first live show back in December and helped sell me on live wrestling shows, are scheduled to be there too.

A great time is expected. I wish I had a buddy to go with me, but I can't wait on others to give me the life I want to have. (If nothing else, the recent North Carolina vote shows me that over half my fellow citizens do not have my best interests at heart, so it makes no sense for me to look outside myself for the support I need to be myself.)

Johnny Gargano

Mike Cruz

Alex Reynolds

AR Fox


Low Ki



  1. Joe, if I were within, oh, 500 miles of you I'd join you this evening. Have an effin-fantastic time and we'll look forward to your report.


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