Brass Tacks

It comes down to this. For me, it does. Two brutes locked together in life-or-death struggle. These high-contrast, low-focus screen caps nail it for me. This is primal in its aggressiveness and eroticism. You give me this, and I can do without pretty faces, six-packs, colorful gear, aerial acrobatics, character development, or a storyline. I don't need blood, nudity, sequins, commentary, top-bottom roleplaying, weapons, or pyrotechnics. The other stuff is all right. Some of it I can get off on sometimes. But this is all I need from wrestling.

This is the climactic point in Steven Walters versus The Sheik, the March 23rd Resistance Pro falls-count-anywhere match when Steven turned heel. Sheik submits Steven here with the camel clutch, after bashing him with folding chairs and gouging him with a short spike. As storylines go, this one is pretty clumsy--a weakly motivated turn that gets the job done in the bluntest way possible: Steven calls for the mike at the end of the bout and announces his intent to follow the Sheik and the paths of evil. Whuh? But the seconds proceeding the monologue are raw, grim, and hot as all get out. Right here is the burger; the rest is cheese, ketchup, bun, and paper plate. (This match is on the Obsession DVD and can be purchased online here.)


  1. Yay, you bought the DVD! I hope you liked it. I agree with you about the camel clutch being a fantastic moment. I hear you on the rationale for the turn, but I did like hearing Walters' voice and interaction with the crowd. I've really only seen him in pics and YouTube before.

    And I loved seeing the price for his turn at the very end ... I have to admit that that's a fetish of mine.

  2. I thought this match looked SO INTRIGUING when Bruno featured it on his "Beefcakes of Wrestling" blog a while back, but I can't believe the match is available on DVD! Thank you for this information, Joe. Finally, a chance to see Steven Walters on my TV. Can't wait!


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