British Drama

At last Saturday's New Generation Wrestling show, TNA Impact!'s "Star Attraction" Mark Haskins, 5'10", 180#, returned to his home turf in Hull not so much to celebrate NGW's fourth anniversary but expressly to put up-and-comer "Amazing" Matt Myers, 6'2", 160#, in his place. Matt held the promotion's top title until losing it in March to Rampage Brown, a wrestler who's 60 pounds heavier than Matt. In any event, the loss only accelerated Matt's skyrocketing popularity with UK fans. Mark thought Matt was getting too much glory too soon, so he crossed the Atlantic, his sights set on dimming the guy's luster. Well, it looks like things did not work out for Mark. Not only did Matt put up more of a fight than Mark expected, but he came through with a sudden reversal and humiliating pin on the "Attraction." Haskins may just have to get used to the idea that, while seeking international glory in the States, the spotlight back home has found Matt, and he may be standing in its glow for a while longer.


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