Fine Ryan

Last year he broke up and feuded with his Team Canada partner AJ Smooth and turned good guy. I'm not sure what this year holds for Ryan Slade, 6', 194#, heavyweight champ at Pro Wrestling Phoenix and sex icon at 3XWrestling, but I got a feeling it's about time for him to hit it big. With his sideburns, crazy eyes, and slightly off-kilter pulchritude, he's my early pick for rockabilly-meets-porn-star icon of the year.


  1. Smoking hot. Love the Canada flag tights, obviously, but I need to ask ... what is the other symbol? It looks like a leaf, but it also looks like something else ... is it just me?

    1. Alex, you are looking at an aspen leaf, logo of Aspen Athletic Clubs in Iowa , but you are welcome to see whatever you want to see.


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