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Awesome shot by Hunter Elliott, taken earlier this evening at the GOUGE Wrestling exhibition at Raleigh's food truck rodeo. Lou Marconi puts the clamps on GOUGE heavyweight champion Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. Sorry I missed this one! Yep, I missed this AND the entomatadas at Captain Poncho's Taco Truck.

Addenda (June 8th): GOUGE and Elliott just published these stunners from the same food truck rodeo event, including shots of "Mr Everything" Victor Andrews versus Tank Lawson, too. Wow.


  1. Wow, I don't know if it's just my tablet screen, but these look like art shots ... like hipstamatics or he crushed the dark tones and added more contrast. Beautiful. The first one is especially fantastic and could go on a wall.

  2. It was me that took these shots with a Canon 7D and some fast glass. I used a combination of tonal mapping, contrast, and a few other techniques in CS5 to match the look of the photographs with the feel of the event. You can see more of my work at or

    1. Congratulations, Hunter. Beautiful work!


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