The Last Dragon of Texas

As mentioned this past weekend, a showcase match of this Saturday's Beyond Wrestling show in Cleveland, Ohio, will be Johnny Gargano, 24, 5'10", 199#, versus ACH, 24, 5'9", 185#. ACH has been in my peripheral vision for a short while now, but knowing and seeing little about the Texan, the Anarchy Championship Wrestling champion since last November, I have not written about him until now. Drew Cordeiro's evident excitement over this event piqued my curiosity, of course, so I did a little research yesterday and today. What I found out indicates that ACH poses an almost ideal match to Gargano in fighting heart, ring dexterity, and power. I can see what got Drew so excited. He's been beating a drum for this show, this historic event in particular, all over the Internet, with his curious mixture of enthusiasm, sagacity, and humorous self-deprecation (the name of his site, "Look, Ma, No Fans," kind of says it all). Gargano, who is a Dragon Gate USA champion, will be a perfect testing ground for ACH, making his East of the Mississippi debut.

The four shots above, by photographer Brian Kelley, show us ACH proudly and shinily brandishing his championship belt and wrestling Davey Richards, Mat Fitchett and Dave Osborne in a three-way, and TJ Perkins. The two shots below, from yet unidentified sources, show him tormenting tattooed bad guy Gary Jay at Texas Anarchy Wrestling (an ACW affiliate) and demonstrating a spectacular power kick, proving him to have the sort of grit and vigor I like in a pro wrestler.


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