Click here to watch what I would call a close to perfect match, featuring a lot of the stuff I like about pro wrestling, including a last-minute reversal that's very satisfying and "British Messiah" Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher and "Double D" Dave Dutra bring all they've got to this All Pro Wrestling title match from Saturday. Since the last time I saw him in action, Thatcher, in red, 6'3", 224#, once a splendid heel, has become a crowd favorite (no less splendid because of his popularity). Dutra, 5'11", 212#, is a terrific foil for the Messiah in a non-stop 17-minute battle that offers lots of holds, lots of close calls, lots of straining back muscles, and, as noted, an exciting finish. Thatcher is one of those wrestlers I can't take my eyes off.


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