Mr. Magnifico

UCW-Wrestling has unearthed one of its so-called "lost videos" (#202). How is it that they keep losing these things anyway? I haven't seen it, I don't know when it was shot, I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking at in the teaser, but it definitely looks out of the usual run of things for UCW. It features a masked wrestler called "Mr. Magnifico." UCW has had masked wrestlers before, notably Black Dragon, but never before one with a mask three times the size of his trunks, with slits on the sides, no less. In the trailer, Magnifico commands James the Never Give Up Kid to "job" for him. Am I hearing that right? What makes me doubt my eardrums is that James says okay to this order, and we get shot after shot of Mr. M working the former UCW champ, who has never exactly been a pushover before. So what is this? Is it a private vanity match? Is Magnifico a one-shot gimmick? Is he somebody we would recognize, if unmasked? And do we have him to thank or somebody else for getting James out of his old red-white-and blue plastic baggies and into some skintight star-spangled trunks?


  1. I bought this video and confirm I really like it a lot from finally getting a great view of Jame's hot and manly body, although his getting the crap beaten out of him for an extended period with no resistance was a lot less appealing. Mr. Magnifico in those tiny brietswas appealing, although I would have rather seen them on James. I wrote James to that effect and he very politely responded that would never happen. Still one can fantasize. I am informed that the "lost" videos are newly released "custom" videos paid for by patrons who want to see particular action, or I imagine participate in it.


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